• Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen

    Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen

    Nordic Nature Artists

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  • Thomas Abt

    Thomas Abt

    Violence Reduction Expert

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  • Anne Marie Albano

    Anne Marie Albano

    Youth Anxiety Psychologist

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  • Louise Aronson

    Louise Aronson

    Elderhood Transformer

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  • Anne Basting

    Anne Basting

    Creative Gerontologist

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  • Thijs Biersteker

    Thijs Biersteker

    Ecological Artist

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  • Amit Choudhary

    Amit Choudhary

    CRISPR-Taming Chemist

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  • Katherine Eban

    Katherine Eban

    Investigative Journalist

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  • Shekinah Elmore

    Shekinah Elmore

    Compassion-Driven Oncologist

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  • Sandro Galea

    Sandro Galea

    Wellness Epidemiologist

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  • Greg Asbed

    Greg Asbed

    Social Justice Visionary

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  • Queen Dube

    Queen Dube

    Neonatal Health Innovator

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  • Rabiaa El Garani

    Rabiaa El Garani

    Human Rights Protector

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  • Mitchell H. Katz

    Mitchell H. Katz

    Health Care Champion

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  • Elizabeth Howell

    Elizabeth Howell

    Maternal Health Reformer

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  • Carl June

    Carl June

    Immunotherapy Pioneer

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  • Jerome M. Adams

    Jerome M. Adams

    20th U.S. Surgeon General

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  • Dikembe Mutombo

    Dikembe Mutombo

    Global Health All-Star

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  • Christine Nieves

    Christine Nieves

    Community Healer

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  • Amanda Sturgeon

    Amanda Sturgeon

    Biophilic Builder

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  • Dr. Farida

    Dr. Farida

    Aleppo First Responder

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  • Heidi Allen

    Heidi Allen

    Health Access Investigator

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  • John Amory

    John Amory


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  • Sophie Andrews

    Sophie Andrews

    Helpline Hero

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  • Peter Bach

    Peter Bach

    Drug Development and Pricing Navigator

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  • Rich Besser

    Rich Besser

    Pediatric Health Reformer

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  • Agnes Binagwaho

    Agnes Binagwaho

    Post-Genocide Healthcare Architect

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  • Linda B. Rosenthal

    Linda B. Rosenthal

    Period Rights Activist

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  • Amitabh Chandra

    Amitabh Chandra

    Health Policy Renegade

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  • Stacey Chang

    Stacey Chang

    Ambassador for Design in Health

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  • Susie Baldwin

    Susie Baldwin

    Human Rights Physician

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  • Nir Barzilai

    Nir Barzilai

    Longevity Scientist

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  • David Casarett

    David Casarett

    Doctorly Detective

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  • Anjan Chatterjee

    Anjan Chatterjee


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  • Charles Chiu

    Charles Chiu

    Precision Diagnostician

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  • Alia Crum

    Alia Crum

    Mindset Researcher

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  • Caitlin Doughty

    Caitlin Doughty

    Progressive Mortician

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  • Emtithal "Emi" Mahmoud

    Emtithal "Emi" Mahmoud

    Refugee Bard

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  • Jeremy Farrar

    Jeremy Farrar

    Global Health Reformer

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  • James Gordon

    James Gordon

    Global DIY Healing Teacher

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  • Seun Adebiyi

    Seun Adebiyi

    Impossible Dreams Conqueror

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  • Russ Altman

    Russ Altman

    Drug Data Scientist

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  • Mary Bassett

    Mary Bassett

    Public Health Equity Crusader

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  • Daniel Bergner

    Daniel Bergner

    Science of Sex Journalist

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  • Sangeeta Bhatia

    Sangeeta Bhatia

    Cross-Pollinating Medical Scientist

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  • Judson Brewer

    Judson Brewer

    Mindful Addiction Doctor

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  • Pat Brown

    Pat Brown

    Plant Butcher

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  • Suzie Brown

    Suzie Brown

    Broken Heart Healer

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  • Todd Coleman

    Todd Coleman

    Multidisciplinary Bio-Electronics Innovator

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  • Anne Wojcicki

    Anne Wojcicki

    The Genetic Rebel

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  • Nadine Burke Harris

    Nadine Burke Harris

    Stress Doctor

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  • Eric Chen

    Eric Chen

    Scientific Wunderkind

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  • Carl Hart

    Carl Hart

    Drug Data Dealer

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  • Patricia Horoho

    Patricia Horoho

    Army Surgeon General

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  • Ted Kaptchuk

    Ted Kaptchuk

    Placebo Investigator

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  • John La Puma

    John La Puma

    Culinary Medicine Pioneer

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  • Carla Pugh

    Carla Pugh

    Haptic Educator

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  • Uzma Samadani

    Uzma Samadani

    Brain Trauma Detective

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  • Tiffany Shlain

    Tiffany Shlain

    Interconnected Filmmaker

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  • Kayt Sukel

    Kayt Sukel

    Edgy Science Writer

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  • Amanda Bennett

    Amanda Bennett

    Freelance Journalist & Author, 'The Cost of Hope'

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  • Mick Cornett

    Mick Cornett

    Mayor of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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  • Zubin Damania

    Zubin Damania

    M.D., Director of Healthcare Development, Downtown Project Las Vegas

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  • Laura Deming

    Laura Deming

    Partner, The Longevity Fund

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  • Raghava KK

    Raghava KK

    Multidisciplinary Contemporary Artist

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  • Elizabeth Marincola

    Elizabeth Marincola

    CEO of The Public Library of Science

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  • Christopher J.L. Murray

    Christopher J.L. Murray

    Institute Director, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)

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  • Andrew Solomon

    Andrew Solomon

    Professor, Writer and lecturer on psychology, politics, and the arts; Winner of the National Book Award

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  • Charity Tillemann-Dick

    Charity Tillemann-Dick


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  • Roni Zeiger

    Roni Zeiger

    CEO, Smart Patients

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  • Barbara Bass

    Barbara Bass

    Director, Methodist Institute for Technology Innovation and Education

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  • Otis Brawley

    Otis Brawley

    Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society

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  • Thomas Frieden

    Thomas Frieden

    Director, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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  • Peggy Hamburg

    Peggy Hamburg

    Former Commissioner, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

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  • David Icke

    David Icke

    Consultant/Advisor for Twine Health, Sonitus Tech, Paracosm, and Technogym

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  • Ivan Oransky

    Ivan Oransky

    Executive Editor of Reuters Health

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  • Todd Park

    Todd Park

    The White House Technology Advisor

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  • Judith Salerno

    Judith Salerno

    President and CEO of Susan G. Komen for the Cure

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  • Leslie Saxon

    Leslie Saxon

    Executive Director & Founder, USC Center for Body Computing

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  • Sekou Andrews

    Sekou Andrews

    Internationally Acclaimed Spoken Word Artist, Playwright, Actor, Poet

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  • Eythor Bender

    Eythor Bender

    CEO and Co-Founder of UNYQ and Faculty Member at Singularity University

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  • Dan Buettner

    Dan Buettner

    Author, Explorer

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  • Michael Graves

    Michael Graves


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  • Robert J. Hariri

    Robert J. Hariri

    Founder & CEO, Celgene Cellular Therapeutics

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  • Mehmood Khan

    Mehmood Khan

    Chief Executive Officer, Global Nutrition Group and Chief Scientific Officer, PEPSICO

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  • Catherine Mohr

    Catherine Mohr

    Director of Medical Research, Intuitive Surgical

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  • Quyen Nguyen

    Quyen Nguyen

    Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, University of California San Diego

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  • Tim O'Reilly

    Tim O'Reilly

    CEO & Founder, O'Reilly Media

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  • Peter Agre

    Peter Agre

    Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Director, Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute. Bloomberg School of Public Health

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  • David Agus

    David Agus

    Professor of Medicine and Engineering, University of Southern California | Author, "The End of Illness"

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  • Anna Barker

    Anna Barker

    Director of ASU Transformative Care Networks

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  • George Church

    George Church

    Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

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  • Eric Dishman

    Eric Dishman

    General Manager for Health and Life Sciences, Intel

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  • Alexandra Drane

    Alexandra Drane

    President and Co-Founder, Eliza Corporation

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  • Frank Gehry

    Frank Gehry


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  • Anita Goel

    Anita Goel

    Chairman & Scientific Director, Nanobiosym; Chairman & CEO, Nanobiosym Diagnostics

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  • Hugh Herr

    Hugh Herr

    Athlete, Scientist, Innovator, Futurist. MIT Media Lab

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  • Frances Jensen

    Frances Jensen

    Dir, Translational Neuroscience & Epilepsy Research, Children's Hospital Boston. Prof of Neurology, Harvard Medical School

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  • John Mackey

    John Mackey

    CEO, Whole Foods Market

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  • Scott Parazynski

    Scott Parazynski

    Astronaut, Physician and Everest Summiteer

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  • John E. Abele

    John E. Abele

    Co-Founder, Boston Scientific Corporation

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  • Keith Black

    Keith Black

    Chairman of Neurosurgery, Cedar-Sinai Medical Center

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  • Tim Brown

    Tim Brown

    President & CEO, IDEO

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  • Eric Dishman

    Eric Dishman

    General Manager for Health and Life Sciences, Intel

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  • Ezekiel Emanuel

    Ezekiel Emanuel

    Diane and Robert Levy University Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine & Wharton School

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  • Goldie Hawn

    Goldie Hawn

    Actress, Children’s Advocate, & Founder, The Hawn Foundation

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  • Aimee Mullins

    Aimee Mullins

    Athlete, Actor and Activist

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  • Craig Venter

    Craig Venter

    Founder, Chairman & President, J. Craig Venter Institute

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  • Anne Wojcicki

    Anne Wojcicki

    The Genetic Rebel

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  • David Agus

    David Agus

    Professor of Medicine and Engineering, University of Southern California | Author, "The End of Illness"

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