Shekinah Elmore

In a Nutshell

We all live with a certain level of uncertainty. Shekinah Elmore believes that as medical professionals, helping patients with terminal illnesses understand and live with radical uncertainty, may be the most patient-centric intervention to help impact adherence and patient outcomes.

About Shekinah

Dedicated to pursuing equity and empathy in oncology care, Shekinah Elmore is a graduating resident in the Harvard Radiation Oncology Program. She has written about her personal experience treading the line between cancer patient and provider in the Journal of the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine. Through her work, Shekinah calls attention to the importance of embracing compassionate care and coping with uncertainty. During her time at Harvard Medical School, she received a Fulbright grant to work with Partners in Health in Rwanda to explore the patient experience of cancer care. During her residency, she has focused on understanding and improving radiotherapy access in resource-limited settings and promoting pathways for resident involvement in improving global radiotherapy. She has published on these themes in the Journal of Global Oncology and the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, and Physics.

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Compassion-Driven Oncologist