Drew Lakatos

Engineer and entrepreneur Drew Lakatos has repurposed the notion of car air-bags to develop wearable technology that can protect us during our everyday movement.


Engineer and entrepreneur Drew Lakatos is the CEO of ActiveProtective, a wearable technology company focused on reducing the most damaging and costly human injuries. The company has pioneered the use of smart garments to monitor mobility, detect falls, and intervene immediately prior to impact by deploying discrete air-cushion protection. The first implementation of this technology aims to eliminate hip fractures in the elderly, although there are many other possible applications. With an engineering degree from Villanova University and experience in consumer device and airbag design, Drew is a business leader well-positioned to apply advancements in known and novel technologies for prevention, intervention, and safety.


Q&A with Drew on the TEDMED Blog

Bracing for the Falls of an Aging Nation and A Tiny Stumble, a Life Upended
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