Gary Conkright

This just in: Your personalized health forecast

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About Gary Conkright

Gary Conkright is a visionary serial entrepreneur with a passion for taking game-changing technology from the laboratory to the marketplace to solve important problems. A University of Chicago MBA and Purdue Aeronautical Engineer, Gary previously founded SmartSignal (now GE Intelligent Platforms) to commercialize predictive analytics to monitor the health of mission-critical industrial equipment. After witnessing firsthand how it was easier for an aircraft technician to remotely monitor a 747 than it was for his mother’s physician to monitor her chronic illness, Gary made it a personal mission to apply predictive analytics technology to healthcare. Today, he is the CEO of PhysIQ, a personalized, predictive analytics based application that provides clinicians with early notification of changes in a patient’s health.

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About This Talk

At TEDMED 2014, Gary Conkright shared his views on how personalized, quantified health data is vital to our transition from “sick care” to health care.

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