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From September 10-12, 2014, we’ll bring together Delegates in Washington, DC and San Francisco for this year’s TEDMED gathering. Delegates in both cities will participate in a simultaneous, unified, digitally linked program with equal numbers of live Speakers, Delegates, and innovative Hive startups.
TEDMED welcomes participation from a broad cross-section of society, both from within and outside the fields of medicine and technology. If you are passionate about creating a healthier world, we encourage you to apply to attend TEDMED 2014 and embark on an amazing journey of possibilities.

Join us for important conversations, unexpected connections, inspiring talks, and a community of change-makers, who are all passionate about making the world a healthier place. Space at TEDMED 2017 is limited, so don't delay.


November 1-3, 2017 

La Quinta Resort and Spa, Palm Springs, CA

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TEDMED Delegates

At TEDMED we call our attendees Delegates because we curate the attendee body to broadly represent the different disciplines inside and outside the world of medicine. Since many of the challenges facing the future of health and medicine are complex social-medical issues, we value the power of multi-disciplinary discussion to create new ways of thinking and open up new opportunities to improve our future health.

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Front Line Scholarships

TEDMED's Front Line Scholarship Program supports exceptional individuals who would be outstanding additions to our group of Delegates but who could not otherwise afford and benefit from attending TEDMED. TEDMED asks that those interested in applying to be a Front Line Scholar commit in advance to supporting the TEDMED community in exchange for being awarded a scholarship to attend. We ask that all Front Line Scholarship Recipients support the TEDMED event before, during and after, by providing blog content, in-person event support, social media outreach, etc. (Exact responsibilities to be determined closer to the event).

Scholars will be led through a short application process. Your application will be reviewed by our Admissions Staff, and considered for an invitation to our annual event. We will respond to your application within the next two weeks.  Apply now to be a part of an experience that will inform and inspire you, restore your sense of wonder, and leave you energized like no other event.

TEDMED's Front Line Scholarship Program An essential part of TEDMED's mission, the Front Line Scholarship Program ensures that exceptional individuals are included in our community and the discussion at TEDMED.

Only Partial Scholarships are available at this time.
Apply Today for a Front Line Partial Scholarship.

To Apply, please select "Partial Scholarship" below. Keep in mind, you can only apply to attend TEDMED 2017 once, regardless of the type of application.