Thijs Biersteker

Bringing facts to life through ecological art

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About Thijs Biersteker

Thijs Biersteker creates interactive art installations that turn topics about climate change, deforestation, and the Anthropocene period into relatable experiences rooted in facts and science. Thijs and his team work together with universities, research groups and companies to weave together humanity, technology and ecology into interactive experiences that create change. His immersive art installations are often described as eco-awareness art. By using the latest technologies, Thijs works to turn visitors into ocean plastic, to give a voice to nature using data coming from living trees, and to let the rainforest disappear in front of our eyes. Currently, Thijs is affiliated with Delft University of Technology (NL) where he teaches art, ethics and empathy. Thijs is the recipient of the prestigious Lumen Prize for digital art, was nominated for the Stars Prize from Ars Electronica and the New Technology Art Award.

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About This Talk

We live in a time of information overload, inundated with facts about the world around us. When it comes to Climate Change, the data continues to be so overwhelming that it is easy to become jaded to it. That's why Ecological Artist Thijs Biersteker dedicates his work to helping us feel facts again. He argues that "if the facts can't reach us, how can they teach us?" Through immersive and interactive art installations, he collaborates with scientists and researchers to bring their findings to life.

From demonstrating the impact of one cigarette butt on water pollution to turning "human beings into plastic beings," Thijs’ art is moving, impactful, and urges us to observe science through a new lens. When science and art unite, facts speak loud and clear. Watch Thijs' Talk, “Bringing facts to life through ecological art”, to experience the impact of ecological art in shaping our consciousness of climate change.

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