Toyin Ajayi

What if trust were the key operating measure in healthcare?

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About Toyin Ajayi

Toyin Ajayi is Chief Health Officer and co-founder of Cityblock Health, a New York-based healthcare company radically improving community health, block by block. Prior to Cityblock, Toyin served as Chief Medical Officer of Commonwealth Care Alliance, a nationally-renowned integrated health plan and care delivery system for individuals dually-eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. There, she led clinical operations, spearheaded care delivery innovations, and oversaw multi-disciplinary care teams serving more than 20,000 beneficiaries across the state of Massachusetts. Toyin received her undergraduate degree from Stanford University; an MPhil from the University of Cambridge; and her medical degree, with Distinction in Clinical Practice, from King’s College London School of Medicine. She is a board-certified Family Physician, and continues to practice medicine, focused on patients with chronic, complex and end-of-life needs.

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About This Idea

For a single mom of 3 who is juggling kids, dinner, homework, and finances, health can so quickly become the last priority. Moreover, Toyin Ajayi, Chief Health Officer of Cityblock Health, argues that our current healthcare system can be intimidating, even admonishing patients who fall off track, which only pushes people further from the care that they desperately need. Watch Toyin's TEDMED 2018 Hive Talk to see how, by centering on trust in health care delivery, we can build a health care system that engages and champions folks on their journey to improved health.

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