Jay Lombard

What's the new map for mental illness?

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About Jay Lombard

Dr. Jay Lombard is an internationally acclaimed neurologist, author, and keynote speaker who creates solutions for brain health and intractable neurological disorders. Dr. Lombard integrates biological, psychological, and existential components in his holistic treatment approach. He is the co-founder and creator of Genomind, a medicine company utilizing genetic testing to improve neuropsychiatric conditions, including Alzheimer’s, Autism, and Depression. He is also the founder of the Brain Performance program at LifeSpan medicine with Dr Chris Renna. 

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About This Talk

The chief scientific officer of Genomind, Dr. Jay Lombard, says psychiatry needs objective biomarkers for diagnosis, and that solutions are on the way thanks to genetics, proteomics and epigenics.

Jay Lombard - Q&A at TEDMED 2012

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