Eythor Bender

What’s a good second step?

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About Eythor Bender

Eythor Bender is CEO and Co-Founder of UNYQ and Faculty Member at Singularity University, and former CEO of Ekso Bionics, the developer and maker of powered, wearable robots known as “exoskeletons” that augment strength, endurance, and mobility of humans. Throughout his career, Eythor has championed innovation; fostering and spearheading creativity in medical technologies and taking them from unconventional approaches to FDA-approved products that communities aspire to.

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About This Talk

The CEO of Ekso Bionics, and a paralyzed man he helped, take questions about human exoskeletons - "wearable robots" - how they help paraplegics walk, and what lies ahead.

Eythor Bender at TEDMED 2011

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