Andrew Dawson

Does the sensitive mind need the articulate hand?

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About Andrew Dawson

Andrew Dawson is a theatre director, performer, Feldenkrais practitioner, and hand model. He studied dance with Merce Cunningham in New York and theatre in Paris with Phillipe Gaulier, Monika Pagneux, and Jacques Lecoq.

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About This Talk

Dawson, a performance artist, portrays the experience of one man's loss of proprioception, a sense of where our bodies are in space, and how he learned to think about movement again.

Andrew Dawson at TEDMED 2011

Andrew Dawson at TEDMED 2011 - Q and A

Andrew Dawson (Day 2) at TEDMED 2011 - Q and A

Andrew Dawson - Part III at TEDMED 2011

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