Patricia Horoho

Confront harm and prevent medical casualties

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About Patricia Horoho

Lieutenant General Patricia Horoho is the first woman and first nurse Army Surgeon General. Born into a military family, Patricia joined the army herself as an emergency room nurse after training in clinical trauma nursing. Patricia has treated victims in disaster situations from the Green Ramp incident to the September 11 attacks, and was recognized as a Nurse Hero by the Red Cross for her work. Before becoming the Army Surgeon General, Patricia commanded the Army Nurse Corp and was deployed to Afghanistan as a special assistant to the commander of the International Security Assistance Force Joint Command. Patricia is decorated with numerous military awards, including the Distinguished Service Medal and the Order of Military Medical Merit Medallion.

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About This Talk

Patricia Horoho, Lieutenant General in the U.S. Army and the first woman and first nurse to serve as the Army’s Surgeon General, reveals how healthcare can cause harm by sins of commission and omission.

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