Leslie Morgan Steiner

The inconceivable costs of baby-making

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About Leslie Morgan Steiner

Journalist Leslie Morgan Steiner writes about a broad array of women’s issues. She recently completed her third nonfiction book, The Baby Chase, which explores the ways surrogate pregnancies are changing the face of the American family and expanding what it means to be a mother today. Leslie’s 2009 memoir about surviving domestic violence, Crazy Love, was a New York Times bestseller and subject of the first TED talk by a domestic violence survivor. She also edited the anthology Mommy Wars, a frank, surprising, and refreshing look at American motherhood from 26 different perspectives. Formerly a blogger about work/family balance for The Washington Post, Leslie now writes the weekly column on motherhood for Modern Mom and Mommy Track’d.

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About This Talk

Leslie Morgan Steiner, journalist and bestselling author, brings us along on her journey to learn the truth about a successful gestational surrogacy industry on the far side of the world, and explains how that structure can provide a model to help solve several social problems in the US.

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