Emery Brown

Anesthesia and the dynamics of the unconscious mind

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About Emery Brown

Computational neuroscientist and anesthesiologist Emery Brown explores one of medicine’s big mysteries—exactly what happens to your brain under anesthesia. Emery believes the answers to this question could have profound implications, addressing everything from the nature of consciousness to improving the specificity of anesthetic drugs, and leading to new treatments for chronic pain, depression, and insomnia. Emery practices anesthesiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and holds a joint appointment as Professor of Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Medical Engineering and Computational Neuroscience at MIT. He also co-directs the Harvard- MIT Health Sciences and Technology Program. When not studying neural signals of others under the  influence of anesthesia, Emery enjoys challenging his own brain by speaking several Romance languages.

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About This Talk

Emery Brown, computational neuroscientist and anesthesiologist, explores one of medicine's big mysteries: What happens to your brain under anesthesia?

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