Dominick Farinacci

Jazz stories of love, strength, hope and healing

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About Dominick Farinacci

Wynton Marsalis recently gave trumpeter, humanitarian, and music education advocate Dominick Farinacci the title Global Ambassador to Jazz at Lincoln Center. After graduating from Juilliard in 2005, Dominick launched his career in Japan with a prolific run of eight albums, later releasing two more globally. He is a featured performer for the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and Abu Dhabi, taking part in the first jazz performance for patients in Abu Dhabi.

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About This Talk

Dominick Farinacci, trumpeter and protégé of Wynton Marsalis gave a talk and performance with his band at TEDMED 2014. He has led the Lincoln Center expansion in Doha and has played music in the lobby of the Cleveland Clinic.

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