Jared Heyman

A doctor's office that can't be overcrowded

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About Jared Heyman

Jared Heyman was inspired to create CrowdMed after experiencing the stress of seeing his younger sister endure a serious medical mystery that spanned more than three years, dozens of doctors and specialists, and over $100,000 in medical expenses before the condition (a rare genetic disorder) was finally diagnosed and she could receive treatment. Through a savvy combination of prediction market technologies and crowdsourcing, CrowdMed expedites this process by providing patients and doctors a forum in which they can aggregate their knowledge, share diagnoses and suggest solutions. A seasoned technology entrepreneur who previously founded Infosurv, an Internet survey company with over $20M in cumulative revenue, Jared spent a two-year sabbatical traveling around the world prior to co-founding CrowdMed. 

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About This Talk

Jared Heyman, entrepreneur and founder of CrowdMed, reveals how crowd wisdom can help solve even the most elusive medical mysteries.

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