Jay Walker

Hidden Aspects of Death

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About Jay Walker

Active in the field of medicine since 2012, Jay Walker serves as Chairman TEDMED, the health and medicine edition of the world-famous TED conference. A serial entrepreneur, Jay has founded three companies that have gone from launch to 50 million customers each. Jay is the world’s 10th most patented living inventor, with more than 750 issued U.S. patents in technology-related fields. He is also Chairman of Upside, a travel and technology company that serves the unmanaged business traveler. A passionate student and practitioner of imagination, Jay founded and curates the Library of the History of Human Imagination, which Wired magazine called “the most amazing private library in the world."

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About This Talk

Using a Bills of Mortality from London's great plague of 1665, Jay Walker shows how the first official compilation of public health data revealed unexpected statistical trends.

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