Teresa Monachino

Born in England in 1968, Teresa Monachino is a graphic designer whose work touches many design disciplines from exhibition and branding to books, packaging and digital media. She studied at the Chelsea School of Art in London, graduating in 1990, and now runs her own independent studio where she has established a worldwide reputation as a designer with a natural affinity for type. Teresa has a love of language, word play and graphic wit. As the author and designer of Words Fail Me, published by Phaidon, she uses imaginative typography to highlight tricky words, illogical spellings, misleading pronunciation and other quirky characteristics of the English language. The book is a witty and amusing celebration of contradictions and inconsistencies. Teresa has won many design awards including two D&AD. While her work has been featured widely in both the national and international design press. She has also written for a number of design publications, is a visiting lecturer and has worked and collaborated with the sculptor and Pop Artist Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, graphic design giant Alan Fletcher and actor Sir Sean Connery. Studio Monachino has produced a number of award-winning typographic publications, which have been championed and supported by the Design Museum and Tate Galleries in London.

If healthcare is really sick care, do I need a "sicktionary"? (Teresa Monachino)

Science Kit for Teresa Monachino


Not so much a Science Kit – more a scrapbook.

There are many things that influence me, some of them quite expected and some rather unexpected. I harvest ideas and information from all over. If you'd like to know a little more about me and my love of language and word play a good place to start would be this website where you can get my book Words Fail Me.


Here you can see more of my work…


And here are a few links to stuff that I've found myself (wishful) thinking about.

http://iheartguts.com    (I wish I'd had those as a child)

http://writerguy.co.uk    (I wish everyone was clearer)

http://www.baselinemagazine.com    (I wish I had more copies of Issue 59)

http://www.stbride.org    (I wish I had a collection like that)

http://www.fabrianoboutique.com    (I wish I had one of those)

www.designersandbooks.com    (I wish they'd asked me)

www.economist.com/styleguide    (I wish I knew all that)

www.infinitespacethemovie.com    (I wish I lived in one)

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