In a Nutshell 

Leor Weinberger and his team have developed novel therapies with profound implications in depriving infectious diseases, in particular HIV, of the ability to replicate. 

About Leor

Virologist Leor Weinberger is the Bowes Distinguished Professor at the Gladstone Institutes and the University of California, San Francisco where he leads a virology discovery group focused on engineering new, resistance-proof antiviral medicines for the developing world. In 2019, Leor and his group succeeded in developing the first Therapeutic Interfering Particles (TIPs) and showed it to be effective against HIV in animals. Leor holds numerous patents for inventing novel antiviral medicines. He served on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Innovation review panel, and his research has been widely published in Science, Nature, and Cell. Leor was a Pew Scholar, a Keck awardee, and a Sloan Fellow. He is the only person to win the NIH Director's Pioneer, Avant Garde, and New Innovator Awards.

Addressing pandemic preparedness

COVID-19 is an airborne virus that has spread throughout the world, but it is not the first Pandemic nor will it be the last.

We will continue to be confronted with rapidly spreading viruses like COVID-19, and must prepare to respond appropriately and swiftly. Attention must be given to developing systems to prevent, aid, and protect us from future pandemics.

This Playlist examines multiple facets of pandemic prevention, transmission, and response,

  • addressing pandemic threats
  • global vaccine uptake
  • novel therapeutic development
  • mechanisms of viral transmission.

As a society, we may be able to more effectively act against pandemics and epidemics as they emerge.

These speakers provide insight to what has happened and what can be prevented IF the right systems are in place.