Calvin Harley

Calvin Harley, Ph.D., is co-founder, CSO and President of Telomere Diagnostics, a molecular diagnostics company focused on leveraging telomere biology for health monitoring, disease risk, and drug response. Telomere aims to improve human "healthspan" through personalized care based on telomere-related tests. Prior to Telomere, Dr. Harley was Chief Scientific Officer and VP Research of Geron Corporation (1994-2009), where he and his team successfully cloned the critical components of human telomerase and moved drugs based on telomerase into clinical trials. Dr. Harley received his education at Waterloo University (B.Sc. Honors Science) and McMaster University (PhD, Biochemistry) and has published extensively on medical applications for telomere research. He is an inventor on foundational patents related to telomere biology, telomerase, aging, and the diagnosis and treatment of disease. He enjoys multi-day camping in the summer and winter with his family and friends in the Sierra mountains.