Nina Tandon

Entrepreneur Nina Tandon invites us into a world of bio-curiosity, and urges us to explore the range of possibilities that come alive when we use biology as a tool to innovate.

“What I think is more important than asking ‘What can we do with cells?’ is ‘What should we do with cells?’”
— Nina Tandon 


As a child, Nina Tandon had a passion for disassembling and rebuilding her vacuum tube TV. Nina’s initial foray into biomedical engineering involved the development of an electronic nose used to “smell” lung cancer. Today, she is a certified yoga instructor, MBA from Columbia University, and an adjunct professor of Electrical Engineering at Cooper Union. Nina is also CEO and co-founder of Epibone, the world’s first company to grow living human bones for skeletal reconstruction. As a tissue engineer, Nina’s goal is to create “spare parts” for human implantation/disease models. Named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company, Nina already has two talks on and is also a TED Fellow. She is also a member of TEDMED’s Editorial Advisory Board.

Connect with Nina and Epibone: | | @GrowYourOwnBone | @ninatandon


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