Inspector Gadje

Inspector Gadje, an Oakland based dance orchestra that plays Roma brass music from the Balkans, perform their upbeat and infectious brand of music.


With up to 12 musicians, San Francisco-based Inspector Gadje brings a big sound to the beautiful and bumpin’ brass band music of the Balkans. The driving, tight groove of low brass and drums with soaring melodies from trumpets, saxophones, and clarinet incite joy and dance from the very first beat. The name “Inspector Gadje” is not only a playful reference to the popular 1980s cartoon show “Inspector Gadget,” but also to the band’s non-Romani identity as “gadje.” Through study and performance of Romani music, Inspector Gadje pays homage to Romani culture and community, all the while acknowledging their own simultaneous position as cultural outsiders and allies.

*Inspector Gadje is: Paul Bertin, Danny Cao, Andrew Cohen, Jeff Giaquinto, Darren Johnston, Noah Levitt, Paul Marini, Morgan Neilsen, Marco Peris, Mike Perlmutter, Jonathan Selin, Sean Tergis, and Ofir Uziel.


Which superpower would you most like to have?
The power to heal mental and physical illness via sound. The world is in much need of amplifying its own healing process through new creative ways.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?
We would want to meet Charlie Chaplin, because he was one of the most creative personalities the world has ever seen.

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