Taking A Break 

As TEDMED reflects on the world in the face of COVID-19, it is clear that TEDMED must reinvent the way it delivers upon its mission. It will be a few years before the world is ready for large meetings or gatherings of any kind and as such, TEDMED’s current work curating ideas and convening its community needs a new approach. It is with this change in mind that we share the news that TEDMED has decided to take a break, a pause, a hiatus, a bit of a time-out while we figure out how best to support this community in a post COVID-19 world. TEDMED Talks will continue to be available and the 2020 Talks recorded in early March will continue to be shared over the coming weeks and months.

Thank you for supporting TEDMED and being an important part of the community. While disappointed that we’re winding things down for a few years, we are confident that in time TEDMED will re-emerge. And, TEDMED will be back with a renewed sense of purpose; a re-energized charge in sharing important and transformative ideas in health and medicine with the world.

Effective May 1, 2020, there will be limited activity in the TEDMED offices until TEDMED re-emerges in a few years. Until then, TEDMED related topics or questions may be addressed to info@tedmed.com.