Editorial Advisory Board Profile:
Vanessa Ruiz
Creative Director, Wolters Kluwer Health; Founder, Street Anatomy
Vanessa Ruiz is currently Creative Director at Wolters Kluwer Health in Chicago, where she creates experiences that inspire a deeper understanding of our bodies and our health. 

Vanessa is also the driving force behind Street Anatomy, an online resource that aggregates contemporary works that explore the intersection of art and medicine. For over 10 years, Street Anatomy has revealed human anatomy in street art, tattoos, 3-D printing, interior design, and food, among other media. The inspiration came while she pursued a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Visualization at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she learned how to create medical illustrations for clinicians. She created Street Anatomy in the hopes of taking human anatomy into more public spaces via art, allowing people to have an appreciation of anatomy outside of the medical world. 

She now uses that artistic view to lead a unique creative team in the healthcare space. One that uses art to help patients, and the public, understand their health. Vanessa was a Speaker at TEDMED 2015.