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Editorial Advisory Board Profile:
Harvey Fineberg, MD, PhD
President of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Presidential Chair of UCSF
Recently named President of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Harvey Fineberg also serves as the Presidential Chair of the University of California, San Francisco. He previously served two consecutive terms as president of the Institute of Medicine. As co-founder of the Society for Medical Decision Making, Harvey studies medical decision-making, asking important questions about how new medical technologies are rolled out and how we cope with new illnesses and threats of epidemics. Throughout his academic career, his research has focused on the process of policy development and implementation, assessment of medical technology, evaluation and use of vaccines and dissemination of medical innovations. A former health consultant with the World Health Organization, Harvey is also the co-author of the books Clinical Decision Analysis, Innovators in Physician Education and The Epidemic that Never Was, an analysis of the controversial federal immunization program against swine flu in 1976. He is also the former Provost of Harvard University (1997-2001), following 13 years as Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health. He spoke at TEDMED 2013.