In a Nutshell
Brazil-based retina specialist Camila Ventura works with a multi-disciplinary team, providing many kinds of care and treatment for babies with congenital Zika syndrome and their families.
More about Camila

Brazilian retina specialist Camila Ventura is dedicated to understanding and fighting congenital Zika syndrome (CZS). Camila’s work with Zika began during the 2015 outbreak in Brazil, when she first reported the ocular findings of three babies affected by the virus during pregnancy. Her research examines the structural damage caused to the eye by the Zika virus, the pathophysiology behind these manifestations, the effects of these findings on vision, and babies’ responses to early intervention. Camila’s work has been featured in 24 peer reviewed publications and several book chapters, and she has spoken at numerous international conferences, the CDC, NIH, and WHO. Camila is currently collaborating with the National Eye Institute (NEI) and NIH on prospective studies addressing the ophthalmological aspects of CZS. Camila is a key member of the Altino Ventura Foundation (FAV), which provides eye care to low-income families, rehabilitation treatment for multiple disabilities, and offers ophthalmology training to physicians.

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