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Date: 11, March 2015



Palm Springs, California, November 18-20


March 11, 2015 – We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you: the venue, dates and theme for TEDMED 2015.

This year’s event will focus on Break<ing>Through the status quo and celebrating the typical, the atypical and the spaces in between as we come together to shape a healthier world. The mythology of a “breakthrough” tells the story of a lone genius and one magical, “aha” moment. But, let’s not mistake a good story for the truth. In reality, we all have breakthrough potential and the least likely way to unlock that potential is to toil away in social or intellectual solitude. Instead, we break through in new combinations and we collect the building blocks of our future breakthroughs every day, in every new interaction, in every new insight, one improvement at a time. This year we’ll explore:

  •      - breaking through the silos that prevent different disciplines from sharing problems and insights;
  •      breaking through glass ceilings and closed doors that hold back some women and minorities from entering medical research;

  •      breaking through national and cultural boundaries;

And, breaking through old assumptions to explore new science and new visions of what’s possible – in ourselves, in our work and in the world at large. We hope you will join us and secure your spot at TEDMED 2015 today.

Our home in 2015: Palm Springs, California, November 18-20

The venue this year in sunny Palm Springs, California inspires a new vibe that we hope you are as excited about as we are. A more collaborative setting and design will help Speakers, Delegates and Innovators come together and explore the important topics and themes the stage program brings forward in a more connected way than ever before. Of course, our gathering will include the brilliant talks you’ve come to know from some of the most inspiring change-makers both inside and outside of health and medicine, as well as stunning artistic performances and transformative innovators. Our recently formed Editorial Advisory Board – made up of rock star movers and shakers from across health and medicine as well as the worlds of business and technology, foundations and academia, philanthropy and design, and journalism and communications – is hard at work helping us shape a diverse and inspiring stage program.

Connecting across the world: TEDMED Live

As always, a vital part of our mission is to ensure that all stage content is accessible to the broadest community possible. TEDMED Live will continue sharing our content free with teaching hospitals, medical schools, non-profits and government agencies around the world – building from last year’s participation of 200,000 remote participants across 140+ countries. We invite you to join us in Palm Springs this November! Visit for more information, or click here today!

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TEDMED 2014 Kicks Off With Unprecedented Roster of 
Leaders and Innovators in Health and Medicine

Sold-out events in Washington DC and San Francisco will shine international spotlight on innovation and imagination in service of health and medicine 

Program will be broadcast globally with distribution in more than 130 countries 


Washington, DC and San Francisco, September 8, 2014 – TEDMED, the health and medicine edition of the famous TED movement, begins Wednesday in San Francisco and Washington, DC, featuring an unprecedented lineup of science leaders and health industry innovators who are convening around the theme, unlocking imagination in health and medicine.

For the first time ever, the event will be hosted on two stages simultaneously – in Washington, DC at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and in San Francisco at the Palace of Fine Arts. The two stages will share speakers between them via live streaming and will encourage broad community participation from coast to coast. TEDMED Live will further extend distribution of content globally by broadcasting the program to almost 140 countries, where it will be viewed by more than 150,000 people.

In addition, TEDMED 2014 will feature 80 startups in The Hive, an informal social environment featuring the innovative ideas that can transform health and medicine. The Hive spotlights innovations across the healthcare landscape from biotech and life sciences, health IT, mobile and digital health, and features access to and insights from the entrepreneurs powering these startups. 

“TEDMED is three transformational days when the world comes together to focus on what is new and important in health and medicine,” said TEDMED Curator and Chairman Jay Walker. “Our multi-disciplinary, global community of leading doers and thinkers comes from inside and outside of health and medicine. At TEDMED we break down the silos between disciplines and share perspectives that can spark breakthrough thinking for a healthier world.”

“The whole world comes together to celebrate human achievement, competition and sport with the Olympics,” pointed out TEDMED Partner and Chief Operating Officer Shirley Bergin. “There’s a worldwide celebration of design with Fashion Week, and the World Cup rivets the planet’s attention for an entire month. At TEDMED, we ask: Why not three days when the whole world embraces the most vital issue of all -- health? This is our vision, and our commitment, at TEDMED.”

TEDMED 2014 speakers to address most timely, relevant and often controversial issues in health and medicine 

TEDMED’s 2014 speakers were selected to help reframe the way we think and inspire critical new possibilities for the future of health and medicine. Curated by a team of doctors, scientists, public health experts, technologists and business leaders, the 90 speakers and performers were selected out of thousands of nominees. 

“This year’s TEDMED speakers represent an exciting blend of well-known authorities who bring fresh messages, with new discoveries who offer provocative yet scientifically credible points of view,” said TEDMED Director of Stage Content, Nassim Assefi. “All of our speakers will share stories and ideas that promise transformational impact on health and medicine. They’ll talk about everything from usual technologies like ‘personalized prosthetic voices’ to ideas that challenge the conventional wisdom on global pandemics; the future of medical education; the ethics of DNA testing; and dozens of additional topics with equally critical impact.”

The 2014 TEDMED stage program is organized around nine distinct themes, each designed to provoke fresh thinking and unlock participants’ imagination. Sessions range from “We Just Don’t Know,” where speakers will address the power of admitting ignorance, to “Stealing Smart,” which will focus on cross-disciplinary inspiration. Notably, this year’s speaker roster is 51% female and 49% male. Speakers represent 20 nations from around the globe.

Just a few of the many highlights from TEDMED’s extensive roster of speakers and performers across both stages include:

Elizabeth Nabel, President of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and a professor at Harvard Medical School, will share a personally revealing story that points to how the assumption of certainty can be a weakness and how acknowledging our ignorance can be a strength.

Marc Koska, inventor of a life-saving syringe, will share the struggles, setbacks, breakthroughs and ultimate triumphs of this technology’s 30-year odyssey from “great idea” to “globally adopted reality.”  

Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse at the NIH (and the great-granddaughter of Leon Trotsky), will reexamine the obesity epidemic through the lens of addiction.

Daniel Webster, Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, will examine some surprisingly hopeful possibilities that exist for a controversial public policy conundrum.

Sigrid Fry-Revere, Founder and President of the Center for Ethical Solutions, will discuss issues around organ transplantation policy...and an unexpectedly effective solution that is usually overlooked.

For the complete list of sessions, themes, hosts and speakers, please visit:

The Hive spotlights innovations that are transforming health and medicine

The Hive, combining TEDMED’s relaxing social space and innovation spotlight, provides an arena for Delegates to experience forward-looking startups and amazing new technologies. This year, The Hive was curated by an outstanding team of authorities in fields ranging from medicine to informatics, venture capital, healthcare information technology, cutting-edge tech journalism, global communications networks and more.

Featured companies include:

At Point of Care delivers aggregate patient information combined with targeted medical reference to the clinician when they need it most, leading to better patient outcomes.

MobileOCT transforms any camera into a powerful epithelial cancer discerning device, making possible a life-saving diagnosis for those who have camera phones, but lack access to medical facilities.

VocaliD gives individuals with speech impairment a vocal identity, making synthesized speech applications more personalized and human.

Assay Depot has created an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of research services, making scientific innovation accessible for everyone.

Epibone engineers stem cells into anatomically precise, patient-specific bone tissue replacements.

Please click here for a complete list of all companies featured in The Hive. 

Partnerships with industry leaders and innovators make TEDMED possible 

One of TEDMED’s greatest strengths is the passionate and generous community that contributes so much to make the annual gathering possible. Individuals and organizations alike contribute their time, thinking, resources, moral support, encouragement and skills, and talents because they share TEDMED’s vision of a healthier world. 

“Our profound and enduring gratitude goes out to our partners for their thought leadership and mission alignment in creating this powerful, global gathering,” said TEDMED CEO Jose Suarez.

Abbott and Johnson & Johnson Innovation, as TEDMED’s first global partners, allow TEDMED to “unlock imagination in service of health and medicine” coast to coast with TEDMED’s first simultaneous, dual-coast event.

The American Medical Association, a venerable organization representing almost 300,000 physicians across America, joins forces with TEDMED this year to engage at the leading edge of the health revolution. 

Stanford Medicine and the University of California, San Francisco help put the MED in TEDMED, supporting TEDMED’s mission to take scientific progress and humanitarian compassion to the next level.

The California Endowment has made possible TEDMED’s expansion to the West Coast.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the powerhouse of TEDMED’s year-round Great Challenges program, which convenes a diverse online community to explore the thorniest public health issues.

Steelcase Health, TEDMED’s design partner, created the social spaces that foster health and collaboration.

TEDMED is also supported by its Corporate Innovation Patrons: AstraZeneca, Autodesk, AARP, the American Beverage Association, Blue Shield of California, Booz Allen Hamilton, Digitas Health, GE, Google, GuideWell, Pfizer and the  StartUp Health Network. These companies provide generous assistance that allows TEDMED to continue bringing together innovative thinkers and doers at its annual gathering.

Delegate Experiences: Connecting and inspiring the TEDMED community

Highlights of a TEDMED gathering include many opportunities for Delegates to explore new ideas with each other and share perspectives. Engagement platforms include the Campfire, a dedicated “social catalyst hub” in The Hive powered by Giant; Beyond the Stage, a series of opportunities for Delegates and speakers to have person-to-person discussions around the important topics explored; TableTalk Lunches, offsite culinary experiences where Delegates will explore provocative topics inspired by the stage program with Luminary Labs supporting social collaboration; TEDMED Bookstore and TEDMED speaker/author book signings courtesy of Politics and Prose in Washington, DC and Book Passage in San Francisco; Simulcast and Social Lounges supported by TEDMED’s global, contributing and host city partners; Imagination Community Art Installation reflecting the TEDMED community’s global response to the question, “How do you imagine a healthier world?” powered by TBWA\WorldHealth, which also developed the TEDMED mobile app; Lab Testing Reinvented by Theranos; The Great Challenges Program, in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; Bacteriography, a pop-style, bacteria-based art exhibit created by speaker Zachary Copfer; and Evening Celebrations, TEDMED’s popular social dinners at iconic offsite venues in each city.

TEDMED is the annual multi-disciplinary gathering where leaders from all sectors of society come together to explore the promise of technology and potential of human achievement in health and medicine. Bringing together doctors, patients, policymakers, technologists, educators, students, media, researchers, innovators, and many others, TEDMED shares and celebrates the best of what the world has to offer in health and medicine.

TEDMED, LLC is an independent organization. The TED logo is used under an exclusive license from the nonprofit TED conference. Jay Walker has served as the Curator and Chairman of TEDMED since 2011. Mr. Walker is also the founder of For more information, please visit

TEDMED Press Contacts:

Jen Newman

Sallie Olmsted / Aida Abramyan
Rogers & Cowan for TEDMED 2014
310-854-8124 / 310-854-8126 

TEDMED 2014 will be Unlocking Imagination in Service of Health and Medicine

| Author: TEDMED | Publication: AP Presswire

For the first time, TEDMED will take place simultaneously on two iconic stages in Washington, DC and San Francisco with international distribution to more than 100 countries.

Stanford joins TEDMED as medical research institution partner; TEDMED names Palace of Fine Arts as San Francisco venue

| Author: TEDMED | Publication: PR Newswire

TEDMED and Stanford Medicine forge important partnership as TEDMED prepares for first-ever convening at iconic San Francisco landmark as part of unified two-city event this September 10-12

TEDMED and Top Medical Research Institutions to Create One Simultaneous, Annual "Live Event" On 7 Stages Around the World

| Author: TEDMED | Publication: PR Newswire

UC San Francisco Becomes TEDMED’s First Medical Research Institution Partner San Francisco Selected as the First Live Multi-City Host Location To Team With Current Washington, DC Site, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts TEDMED to Convene First Live Multi-City Event September 10–12, 2014

For media and press inquiries, please email Be sure to indicate when urgent. 

The Experience of TEDMED 2013

Date: 06, May 2013 | Author: Dr. Cindy Haines | Publication: Huffington Post

It began for me with a crouton. Not just any crouton, mind you, but perhaps the best crouton I've ever had. I don't know how it came to be so good, but I do know that this crouton was selected with care, diligently adhering to a food strategy that would help a sea of health care devotees view the "health tool" of food selection through a different lens. And that's what TEDMED does best: help us see things through a different lens.

TEDMED 2013 Moments

| Author: Pioneer Blog Team | Publication: RWJF Blog

"TEDMED is the Burning Man for health aficionados," said Robin Hogen, RWJF's vice president for communications, one of several RWJF team members who attended the event in Washington, D.C., last week. The event brings together "public health advocates, clinicians, biomedical researchers, break-the-mold thinkers, prodigies, grateful patients and artists," Hogen said. 

TEDMED Day 4 – Harnessing Our Data, and Motorcycles, to Work for Us

Date: 25, April 2013 | Author: Medgadget Editors | Publication: Medgadget

The final day of last week’s TEDMED 2013 consisted of two sessions, tastefully interspersed with self-reflection and humor by the curators. The first session, “Hiding in Plain Sight,” looked forward to new developments in technology, and data analysis in particular, that can give us new capabilities in healthcare.

The Biggest "Big Ideas" At TEDMED 2013

Date: 24, April 2013 | Author: Ken Congdon | Publication: Healthcare Technology Online

I had the pleasure of attending the TEDMED conference last week in Washington DC. I never experienced the event before, but I heard a lot about it. Everyone told me that TEDMED would be unlike any other conference I’ve ever attended. And it was.

TEDMED 2013 Day 3: From Scuba Diving Wheelchair to Death Over Dinner

Date: 22, April 2013 | Author: Medgadget Editors | Publication: Medgadget

Day three of TEDMED 2013 kicked off with “Session X,” which was a special session focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship, and consisted of a spirited panel discussion of two hot topics.

Tips from the trenches: 5 lessons for health tech entrepreneurs

Date: 18, April 2013 | Author: Ki Mae Heussner | Publication: Gigaom

Seasoned entrepreneurs and investors in health technology give emerging startups a dose of advice.

Mobile health startups talk innovation, acquisition

Date: 18, April 2013 | Author: Jonah Comstock | Publication: MobiHealthNews

The TEDMED organizers tried something new this year: they dedicated Thursday morning to some unscripted meetings of the minds about innovation in healthcare. 

Day 2 @ TEDMED 2013, Washington D.C. #LiveUpdate

Date: 18, April 2013 | Author: Alessandro Demaio, MD MPH | Publication: PLOS

There is a lot of discussion about data here at TEDMED 2013, and this is no great surprise. Big data, small data, open data, crowdsourced data – this is the information backbone of science and the key to breakthroughs and innovation.

TEDMED 2013 Day 1 – The Paradox of Design in Medicine and Inspiration from Seventy-Two Thousand Nadis

Date: 17, April 2013 | Author: Medgadget Editors | Publication: Medgadget

We’re here at TEDMED 2013, excited to be part of a unique group of people passionate about the future of medicine and curious to walk the path that will take us there. We’ll be reporting through the rest of the week on the talks, demos, and people that make TEDMED the world’s premier medical conference.

The road to #TEDMED 2013 via Twitter

Date: 15, April 2013 | Author: KATHLEEN POULOS | Publication: In Crowd Know How

During the run up to TEDMED we've been following the chatter on Twitter and thought a few highlights from the last couple of weeks would be a good way to set the stage for TEDMED 2013.

A Glimpse into The Smartphone Physical

Date: 15, April 2013 | Author: Shiv Gaglani | Publication: Medgadget

This week at TEDMED 2013, Medgadget is excited to partner with Nurture, TEDMED, and a team of clinician-students to debut the “Smartphone Physical,” a collection of smartphone-based devices that can gather clinically-relevant information, ranging from blood pressure to pulmonary function. We’re excited because we’ve been covering many of these devices from their birth to their adoption, and are now reporting on their integration into a whole that is larger than the sum of its individual parts.

For media and press inquiries, please email Be sure to indicate when urgent. 

TEDMED 2012 Highlights and some Ideas for Community Building

Date: 23, April 2012 | Author: Stephen Johnston | Publication: Aging 2.0

I was lucky enough to go to my third TEDMED event recently. Following the previous two at the delightful Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, this was the first that Jay Walker had created in keeping with his vision to make it the Davos of healthcare, and I have to say, it’s on its way

How I Fell In Love at TEDMED

Date: 16, April 2012 | Author: Marya Zilberberg, MD | Publication: The Health Care Blog

Over the exhilarating four days this past week, we all fell in love a little bit — with the city, the Center, the meeting, the ideas, and one another. The city was Washington, DC, a touch past its cherry-blossom blush; the meeting was, of course, TEDMED

The 4 I’s of TEDMED 2012: Innovation, Imagination, Inspiration, and Icons

Date: 13, April 2012 | Author: Patricia Salber | Publication: TDWI

TEDMED: How to Succeed in Healthcare

Date: 13, April 2012 | Author: Adam P. Silverstein | Publication: WCG

Here’s the secret to succeeding in business. Ready? First, make a good product that works well and is delivered efficiently. Second, never forget how important your customers are, or you’ll lose them. Repeat

TEDMED and Innovation in Healthcare

Date: 12, April 2012 | Author: Jason Brandt | Publication: Pixels & Pills

How important is innovation in healthcare? If you listent to the attendees of this year’s TEDMED conference it’s one of the top priorities for our industry

Medicine Needs a Dose of Creative Thinking

Date: 11, April 2012 | Author: Susan Young | Publication: Technology Review

Oncologist and theoretician Jacob Scott argues that creative minds are weeded out by medical school admissions panels

TEDMED 2012 Recap

Date: 15, April 2012 | Author: Alejandro Marcano | Publication: MedCrunch

Like children who were suddenly forced to go home after spending three and a half days in Disney World, the delegates slowly made their ways towards the exit of the J.F. Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts as one of the greatest conferences for healthcare innovation concluded

TEDMED 2012 Day 1 – Acrobats, Identity, and Einstein’s Ritalin

Date: 11, April 2012 | Author: Shiv Gaglani | Publication: MedGadget

Medgadget is at TEDMED 2012 in Washington D.C. and we’re excited that we did not have to wait a full year to experience the magic again. Though it’s only been six months since TEDMED 2011 in San Diego, much more has changed than the venue and season

Can the Innovator Class Save Healthcare?

Date: 16, April 2012 | Author: David Ewing Duncan | Publication: The Atlantic

TEDMED brought a relentless optimism about healthcare reform to a city of tired ideas. More is needed, however, to make a difference in Washington, DC

Scientists become superstars as TEDMED moves to Washington

Date: 14, April 2012 | Author: Brian Vastag | Publication: The Washington Post

Somewhere it is written that the nerds shall inherit the Earth. They got off to a good start last week by taking over the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for three days of provocation and performance art aimed at spreading new ideas among the well-connected and influential in the worlds of health and medicine

First Impressions of Our Future Health: Thoughts From TEDMED 2012

Date: 13, April 2012 | Author: Dr. Cindy Haines | Publication: Huffington Post

This week, I have seen a potential future of the nation's health -- and heard from and interacted with some of the players that are trying to impact and improve it

TEDMED 2012 Liveblog

Date: 11, April 2012 | Author: Sarah Klein | Publication: Huffington Post

From April 10 to 13, Healthy Living editors join some of the most creative and innovative minds in the health and medical field for TEDMED 2012 at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C

TEDMED Thursday: Sex, 'Poo Tea' and ALS

Date: 11, April 2012 | Author: Scott Hensley | Publication: NPR

It takes more than a convoy of fire engines and an evacuation of the Kennedy Center first thing to stop TEDMED

Medical Tattoo Looks to Replace Bulky Devices

Date: 12, April 2012 | Author: Lara Salahi | Publication: ABC News

Gone may be the days of substantial and at times clunky medical objects like a hard metal pacemaker placed next to the heart or electrodes implanted within the brain

A Taste of #TEDMED 2012: Appetizers

Date: 17, April 2012 | Author: Judy Stone | Publication: Scientific American

TEDMED 2012 had it all. What seemed initially like disparate sessions later proved to be a carefully planned series that wove together important themes for making a healthier future

For media and press inquiries, please email Be sure to indicate when urgent. 

TEDMED 2011 is Over — What Now?

Date: 04, November 2011 | Author: Kate Petty | Publication: Ashoka Changemakers

Exoskeletons, prosthetic eyes, and an open-heart surgery tool controlled by an iPhone: Last week's TEDMED 2011 conference delivered its trademark glimpse into the future of technology, medicine, and ideas.

TEDMED speakers say it's time to start harnessing power of new technologies

Date: 26, October 2011 | Author: Elizabeth Malloy | Publication: The Daily Transcript

If the last 30 years have been a whirlwind of medical and technological advancements, a theme at this year's TEDMED conference has been harnessing that innovation and putting it to use.

TEDMED 2011 A Neurosurgeon's Take

Date: 02, November 2011 | Author: Dr. Allen Sills | Publication: Vanderbilt Health

Dr. Allen Sills, a Vanderbilt University Medical Center neurosurgeon, offers his take on TEDMed 2011. Sills was among a team of Vanderbilt surgeons and engineers attending the gathering of thought leaders in technology, medicine and health.

TEDMED Day 4 – Nano Shapes and Confronting Death

Date: 31, October 2011 | Author: Sean Duffy | Publication: medGadget

TEDMED 2011 finished up with a short morning session for attendees to learn just a little bit more before they checked out of the Del and headed out of San Diego. On the whole, the TEDMED crew once again pulled off a spectacular conference.

TEDMED Day 3 – Mushroom Loving Insects and FDA Blues

Date: 28, October 2011 | Author: Sean Duffy | Publication: medGadget

We’re here at TEDMED 2011 and have just finished up day three of the conference. It was a spectacular. Yesterday (day 2) was solid and today (day 3) was stellar.

TEDMED Day 2 – Glow in the Dark Tumors that Blind Rats Can Now See

Date: 27, October 2011 | Author: Sean Duffy | Publication: medGadget

We’ve just wrapped up day two at TEDMED, retiring to our rooms after a beach clambake at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado.

TEDMED Day 1 – Pop it, Lock it, and Take a Statin

Date: 26, October 2011 | Author: Sean Duffy | Publication: medGadget

Medgadget's coverage of TEDMED has one simple goal: to give you a synopsis of each day so that you can get the TEDMED highlights from afar.

Health is a system. To solve for health, we must address food, cities, government, work, life, medicine, devices, pathogens, etc. Systems thinking is a shift for many scientists and doctors trained to operate by process of elimination, honing in on a single thing.

Date: 28, October 2011 | Author: Margaret Coughlin | Publication: Vector – Children's Hospital Boston's Blog

A core ideal of the TEDMED conference. I’m in a senior strategic marketing position at Children's Hospital Boston, in a healthcare world in dire need of solutions. What can I do as an individual to spark disruption, change the course?

TEDMED 2011: 10 Takeaways

Date: 01, November 2011 | Author: Sara Holaubek | Publication: Luminary Labs

Health is a system. To solve for health, we must address food, cities, government, work, life, medicine, devices, pathogens, etc. Systems thinking is a shift for many scientists and doctors trained to operate by process of elimination, honing in on a single thing.

Open Heart Surgery of the Future

Date: 28, October 2011 | Author: Gitika Ahuja | Publication: ABC News

More than half a million people in the U.S. undergo heart surgery every year. It has become a common and mostly successful surgery, but whenever I hear how it's actually done, it shocks me.

How to innovate? Be fearless

Date: 26, October 2011 | Author: Elizabeth Landau | Publication: CNN Health

Peter Diamandis, founder of the X PRIZE, believes there is about to be a revolution in how we innovate.

Coming to a Computer Near You… Your Body in 3-D

Date: 28, October 2011 | Author: Gitika Ahuja | Publication: ABC News

Think of it as Pixar meets the National Institutes of Health: A new health initiative designed by internationally renowned art director and technologist Alexander Tsiaras and wellness Guru Dr. Deepak Chopra that aims to visually decipher through images and storytelling all the things going on inside the human body, or as Tsiaras puts it, the marvel of how we are made.

Mushrooms Help the Immune System Fight Cancer? Interview with Paul Stamets, Mycologist

Date: 02, November 2011 | Author: Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald | Publication: The Huffington Post

When many of us think of mushrooms, we may think of culinary delights such as Portobello and Shiitake, or we may think of those "magic mushrooms." But the implication of mushrooms is absolutely profound.

Top 3 Good-for-Your-Health Gadgets

Date: 27, October 2011 | Author: Gitika Ahuja | Publication: ABC News

Here in the Social Lounge at TedMed 2011 are booths everywhere highlighting new, emerging technologies all geared to help us all live better lives. Here is a sneak peak at a few health lifestyle apps that will soon hit the market.

TEDMED: A whole bunch of genius

Date: 25, October 2011 | Author: Elizabeth Landau | Publication: CNN Health

Where can you learn about the latest innovations in technology, science, health and medical research from the people behind the discoveries – some of the most influential thought leaders in their fields? At TEDMED, the annual meeting of minds...

For media and press inquiries, please email Be sure to indicate when urgent. 

TEDMED 2010 - Day 4 - Ozzy Osbourne, Greg Lucier, AJ Jacobs, and More

Date: 29, October 2010 | Author: Sean Duffy | Publication: Medgadget

TEDMED wrapped up with a morning that opened and closed with musician Jill Sobule, and was filled with talks ranging from Astronaut Scott Parazynski, Life Technologies CEO Greg Lucier, to musician Ozzy Osbourne, who got his whole genome sequenced by Knome.

TEDMED 2010 - Day 3 - Danny Hillis, Dean Kamen, David, and More

Date: 29, October 2010 | Author: Sean Duffy | Publication: Medgadget

Day three was packed, with over twenty talks between 8am - 7:30pm, ranging from Frank Gehry talking about his memory in his old age to Danny Hillis describing his views on a shifting paradigm in cancer treatment, away from genes and towards proteins. In traditional TEDMED fashion, the day started with entertainment.

TEDMED 2010 - Day 2 - Thomas Goetz, Craig Venter, Alex Berenstein, and More

Date: 28, October 2010 | Author: Sean Duffy | Publication: Medgadget

Wow. What a long but eventful day, full of family values lessons from Mehmet Oz, the genesis of synthetic life by Craig Venter, and a history and future of interventional radiology by Alex Berenstein. Oh, and of course what conference would be complete without a blood draw by CVS, some DNA sequencing by 23andMe, and the discovery that your Medgadget editor Gene Ostrovsky had a few fourth cousins in the audience (as discovered by last year's 23andMe genetic test).

TEDMED 2010 - Day 1 - Shaf Keshavjee, Nathan Myhrvoid, Nathan Wolfe, and More

Date: 27, October 2010 | Author: Sean Duffy | Publication: Medgadget

We're here. TEDMED 2010. If you remember last year's coverage, we ran a summary post at the end of each day. We think it's the best way to truly capture the full day at TEDMED, but keep in mind that we'll also be running individual posts on the technologies, innovations, and ideas we found to be the most fascinating.

Gadgets and Ideas to Revolutionize Healthcare

Date: 04, November 2010 | Author: Aaron Rowe | Publication: Wired Magazine

The TEDMED conference gave 400 people a glimpse at the future of healthcare last week, bringing together an eclectic group of innovators, from photographers to stem cell experts, each with a different point to make.

Lungs singing, breathing, and more at TEDMED

Date: 27, October 2010 | Author: Elizabeth Landau | Publication:

TEDMED 2010 has had only three full sessions so far, and already new ideas about everything from organ transplantation to cooking to education have taken the stage in innovative ways.

What's next for how we diagnose and treat diseases?

Date: 27, October 2010 | Author: Keith Darce | Publication: San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego biologist Craig Venter has opened windows into the human experience with his work on sequencing the human genome and constructing artificial life. But he told a crowd of business executives, engineers, researchers and curious thinkers in Coronado Wednesday that vast new worlds remain to be discovered. Just start with the microorganisms that live inside and outside each person, he said.

TEDMED conference comes to Coronado

Date: 25, October 2010 | Author: Janet Lavelle | Publication: San Diego Union-Tribune

What do rocker Ozzy Osbourne, genomicist Nathaniel Pearson and astronaut Scott Parazynski have in common? They'll all be speaking at the TEDMED conference in Coronado on Friday morning.

TEDMED on owning death: Sekou and Steve perform, Alexandra Drane on Engage with Grace

Date: 28, October 2010 | Author: e-Patient Dave | Publication:

Yesterday I posted about the Tuesday night opening by lung transplant recipient Charity Tillemann-Dick, who inspired us to a standing ovation. Wednesday opened with an even stronger response to a new performance by poet/performance artist Sekou and his partner Steve Connell. I can best describe it as a powerful jazz poetry duet about our final years and the onset of death. Here's a snapshot from Martha Stewart's Tweetstream. (Yeah, that Martha.)

TEDMED: A meeting of minds

Date: 27, October 2010 | Author: Elizabeth Landau | Publication:

The most powerful moments of TEDMED don't necessarily happen in the lecture hall, Hodosh said. And the audience is just as distinguished as the speakers - Martha Stewart, AOL founder Steve Case, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak were among those who were just there to listen to the talks in October.

TEDMED 2010: Medicine tries some new ideas

Date: 27, October 2010 | Author: Mariette DiChristina | Publication: Scientific American

Not everything you try will work, but you need to try lots of ideas. That was advice here from Nathan Myhrvold , founder of Intellectual Ventures and former chief technology officer at Microsoft, on the opening evening of the TEDMED conference, held from October 27 through 29.

TEDMED Press Pass Requirements

Space is very limited so press passes are allocated to news outlets with viewership, circulation and influence that can be verified through third-party companies such as Nielsen, Rentrak, Audit Bureau of Circulation, Comscore or similar.

We regret that we do not have space to seat trade journals and newsletter reporters. Please apply for a pass at a Simulcast location or consider hosting a Simulcast location.

Only editorial staff at news outlets can be considered for a press pass. Titles that include: Publishing, Advertising, Media Planning, Strategic Planning and other non-editorial functions are not eligible to receive a press pass.

We receive multiple requests for press passes from the same news outlets with offices in multiple cities. Please consult with the head of medical, health and scientific editorial units at your outlet to coordinate requests for press passes.

Journalists who received credentials to cover TEDMED 2013 and 2014 must submit a request to cover TEDMED 2015.

Priority consideration will be given to reporters who actively covered TEDMED 2013 and 2014 and are still working in editorial positions at the same outlet. 

Freelancers/contributors who are not full time with a bona fide media outlet cannot apply directly. Please have an editor at the news outlet you will be working for apply on your behalf.

Any person with an email extension that ends in,, and similar falls under freelance/contributor status. If you have an email extension at work that matches the name of the outlet you are applying to write/cover for, please use it to expedite your application.

Freelancers may be required to also submit PDFs or links to recent and relevant health, medical and scientific stories/segments.

If you meet these requirements, please click "continue" below to submit an application.

IMPORTANT: Press pass applications will be accepted and reviewed starting in August, 2015.
We recommend that you mark your calendar to apply for a press pass in early August, 2015.​